Academic Achievement


Instilling self-love, reaching academic heights
and discovering new passions.


A well-rounded education provides a foundation of confidence, discipline, and commitment while inspiring a love for learning. Our classes instill a spirit of resilience and excellence by providing each girl with ideal learning atmospheres through intimate classes and personalized attention. This environment encourages girls to reach new academic heights while also discovering their personal interests and passions.

Monarch’s Way utilizes AOA Alliance, providing a fully accredited, web-based Christian curriculum. Participating in a year-round academic program gives our students the unique opportunity to get back on track, or in many cases even ahead in their classes.

 AOA Alliance is accredited through AdvancED, the largest accrediting body in the world, representing 34,000 schools across the United States and 70 other nations. AdvancED, the parent organization of The North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI) is also a member of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).  

AOA’s rigorous online curriculum allows students to interact with more than 50,000 multimedia elements, including audio and video files, animations, and engaging games that result in maximum student involvement and success. Each online unit is comprised of interactive lessons, practical projects, and cumulative tests.

We also provide worry-free credit transfers through the affiliation with the Commission on International and Trans-Regional Accreditation (CITA). As a non-profit with primary concentration on progressive education, these organizations ensure that Monarch’s Way provides the academic standards for transferring credits due to students’ transcripts and to their school to apply for federal grants, and to pursue admission to colleges and universities.

No matter her academic history, girls entering Monarch’s Way are given placement evaluations to access her prior knowledge and identify learning gaps. The resulting data allows Monarch’s Way to place students to accurate grade level coursework. We use an individualized approach for each girl based on her specific requirements.

Monarch’s Way also prepares students for college and career success through our career and technical education. Our hands-on courses promote critical thinking, emphasize problem-solving and encourage students to initiate their own learning. With over 40 career and technical courses divided into 14 clusters, we are proud to put our students on practical paths for post-graduate success. In partnership with respected Christian universities, Monarch’s Way offers juniors and seniors the opportunity to earn high school and college credits simultaneously. With over 65 courses to choose from, Monarch’s Way’s dual credit program prepares students for the rigor of higher education while learning from a practical Christian worldview.


Arts, Humanities and Electives

Public Speaking
Oil & Acrylic Painting
Interior Design
Music & Art Appreciation

Culinary Arts
Time Management
Household Management