Core Culture


Fostering a thriving community emboldened girls,
and emerging talents.


Developing life skills and empowerment is the core of our DNA. Personal development for each girl will be fostered through an array of daily activities including character building, stewardship, health and fitness, giving back, missions, and accountability. Through these core disciplines, we foster a thriving community of emboldened girls.

Our multi-dimensional approach is uniquely designed to address the whole person – body, mind and spirit. We integrate life skills training and character development into everything we do. Because our foundation is rooted in the Word of God, our program impacts more than behavior. It transforms hearts, paving the way for hurting girls to turn around their entire lives to become the life-giving girl she was created to be. 


Core Disciplines


Our students enjoy numerous activities that are specifically designed for growth and personal development. Activities are chosen for their innate ability to learn independence, life skills, teamwork, leadership and problem-solving while developing relationship skills and emotional intelligence. Utilizing various activities, students learn to work together through planning and executing projects, games, and initiatives.

Character Development: Students participate in evening classes on concepts such as honor, identity, purpose, forgiveness, boundaries, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. These are the primary character traits to their success. 

Christian Culture: It is our desire that each girl experiences the power and presence of Jesus actively operating in her life. School days begin with worship and lessons in the application of spiritual truths. This is often where our students discover the joy that’s been missing from their lives and discover that a real relationship with Jesus can be one of life’s most thrilling adventures! 

Health and Fitness: An individual plan for nutrition and fitness is explicitly detailed for each girl’s personal goals and needs. With exercise integrated daily, each girl has access to the in-home fitness center during designated times so she can cultivate a wholesome self-image from all aspects. 

Recreation: We believe having fun and doing healthy activities is an integral part of healing. We have ample opportunity for outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking, horseback riding lessons, swimming, and boating. We also provide creative outlets for girls such as making blankets, crafting, scrapbooking, and jewelry design. 

Field Trips: We offer a wide variety of cultural experiences through visiting museums, parks, historical sites, and places of interest that correlate with their particular interest creating memorable, interactive experiences.  

Service Projects: At Monarch’s Way we believe in giving the girls 100% of our focus. In return, Monarch Way partners with the local community and established outreaches to provide students with the opportunity to serve others to practice and learn self-sacrifice. These meaningful participations help open the eyes and mindsets of our students to the needs of others and instills within them a sense of gratitude and pride for being able to be a responsible contributor to society, specifically their neighborhood.

Mission Outreach: Qualifying students are granted the opportunity to participate in a cross-cultural missions trip before graduation. Serving others from less fortunate, third-world, and natural disaster circumstances provide the girls with a platform to practice many of the skills they have acquired while living with the Monarch’s Way family.