Monarch’s Way is a year-round private Christian school dedicated to helping struggling, vulnerable, at-risk teens chart a new course for their lives. Before any change or new journey begins, there are always questions. Don’t see an answer to yours? Send us a message.

Q: I know someone who could benefit from Monarch’s Way. What ages can a girl be enrolled in the program?

A: While we wish we could open our doors and arms to every girl and arm in need, our program is designed from teens aged 11-17. Please reach out to us even if someone may be older or younger so we can help place them somewhere that provides life transformation, healing, and support for their age.

Q: How long can a girl stay a student in your program? Is it like a boarding school?

A: Our goal is for the average girl to stay one-year. Of course, this will vary on a student’s progress toward goals and the environment she will be returning to. While education is a primary factor of our program, the transformation is just as pivotal. Enabling the girls to create a healthy, stable lifestyle is always on the forefront of our curriculum as well.

Q: How many students do you plan on enrolling per year? 

A: We want to provide quality education and transformation, from the inside out. To do that we want to keep our program intimate, so we can be intentional with every student; offering individual care. In the first months of operation we will be accepting eight students but aim to house 20 in total.

Q: I want to donate to Monarch’s Way. How can I help? 

A: Thank you so much! Every muscle, minute and dollar helps. For more information, check out our page DONATE to see what our needs are and how you can make a one-time or ongoing secure donation.