Counseling and Coaching


Unraveling the past to make room for powerful
life transformations.

Just like a Monarch butterfly cannot be helped out of its cocoon, neither can a girl be rushed to share her story. Each girl has a unique past and often it’s entangled with situations that are hindering her hopes for a grand future. But with a team of dedicated and trained counselors, Monarch’s Way creates space for her to unravel the experiences that have led her here. Our counseling model has a holistic approach and combines biblical principles of healing and unconditional love with best-practice clinical interventions.

Not all girls come to Monarch’s Way to solve behavioral issues. Some just need to get out of their current school situations so they can focus on their academics. Or, perhaps events at home have made it necessary for her to live away from home in a safe and loving place where she can complete her education. Although many adopted teens have loving adoptive parents and families, they may need a place that can help them deal with the struggles that adoption can bring. 

Girls come to Monarch’s Way for various reasons and each story matters. Our counselors are dedicated to nurturing a trust-based relationship and equipping each girl with the tools she needs to live a life full of passion and purpose.