A Letter to the Teen Girls


To the teen girls with broken wings, a broken home,
shattered dreams, verbal, physical or emotional
abusive knockdowns; to the runaways,
the girls misunderstood, the ones who attempted to
commit suicide or have served time already.

This is for you.


Are you scared someone will find out your secrets?

Do you hide scars, fresh or old, internal or external, on your body behind long sleeves and baggy clothes?

Do you fall asleep to the sound of your own tears?

Do you live in fear, live behind a locked door, barricaded by furniture?

Are laughter, makeup, a bold lifestyle and physical intimacy a coping mechanism?

Is food your constant friend and biggest nemesis? Do you weigh yourself before and after you eat?

Do you think about how much better life would be without you in it?

Has your family become your adversary? Have your friends betrayed you? Your allies become your enemies?

Are you ashamed of your thoughts? Your actions? But have no way of climbing out of the vicious cycle?

Have the authority figures in your life abused your trust? Your person? Your body?

Are sadness, madness, despair, anger or confusion your constant companions?

Is the only way to cope to numb the devastation and the trauma through drugs and alcohol?

Do you think there is no hope? Or that there's no such thing as happiness? That you are not entitled to it?

While all the pain you have endured is undeserving, you definitely do deserve love, peace, and joy, and at Monarch’s Way, it’s yours. 

We are here for you, ready to support you through all of life’s darkest moments, so you can experience the Light of the World, embrace healing and find your wings. 

We encourage you to reach out to us because we are already reaching out to you. We believe in your potential and purpose. We believe in your story, and we want to help you write a beautiful new chapter.


Admission process opens October 2019