It all starts with just one
person to create an impact.


A compassionate neighbor ready to invest in the next generation by investing in the wellbeing of a teen. So many of these young girls across America and in our small towns are struggling and dying from life-controlling issues. Eating disorders, self-harm, sexual abuse, drug and alcohol addictions, depression, and unplanned pregnancies. As we see the rising epidemic of addiction and self-harm of teenagers in our country and communities, the question must be asked is this part of our culture or a coping mechanism to survive the day, school, family, bondage? 

Will you be part of the culture that ignores the girls, or help offer them a complete healing method at Monarch’s Way? Your tax-deductible financial gifts, donations of goods and ongoing support will help make way the teens at Monarch’s Way – our future leaders – move beyond the trauma and embrace their potential. Together let’s give a girl her wings.