Make This House A Home


About the Wishard Estate

In September 2018 we took a step of faith and put an offer on the Wishard Estate with just $14,354.00 in our bank account. Generous supporters quickly expanded that to reach $130,000 just prior to our Premier Give Her Wings fundraising dinner. In that one evening an additional $82,000 was infused into our account giving us a total of right around $210,000. We are astounded by the support of family, friends and this great community. Thank YOU! Our settlement date is May 31, 2019 where Monarch's way will invest $318,000 to own the property debt-free. The Phase I victory goal is $400,000. The additional funds beyond the purchase of the property in this phase allows us to begin the necessary steps to transform it into a home where the destinies of struggling girls will be forever changed. Join the Monarch's Way story.

What your gift will give:
Your financial contribution will provide a place for struggling teens to move beyond the pain of their past, as they are equipped, empowered, educated with excellence and given the hope of a dynamic future! Your gifts make a difference. Become a contributor today!

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